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Learning Adventures—Every Button Tells a Story

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[Editor’s Note: MetroFamily is excited to partner with Oklahoma A+ Schools to bring you this new column, which will provide an opportunity for your family to use your imagination and flex your creative muscle. There are no right or wrong answers to these activities; instead, they are designed to stimulate your imagination and help you enjoy creating with your child. Our sincere appreciation to Primrose Schools and Green Bambino for sponsoring this project.]

From buttons you have at home or the buttons pictured here, ask your child to select their favorite. Does it remind them of someone or something? Why did they choose it?

Ask them to make up a story about their chosen button. Ask questions to help them get started, such as “What type of clothing item was the button originally on?” “What did the garment look or feel like?” “Who used to wear it?” “How did it come off?” Help them to begin writing or drawing a story.

Extend the activity by asking a friend or member of the family to participate in a word harvest. Show him or her the button and ask them to describe it. Have your child incorporate those words into their drawing or story.

Did you know?

Everyone is creative—even you! Just as every person is unique, we all show our creativity in unique ways. You do not have to be able to sing or draw a picture to be creative, you just need to use your imagination and let the world around you inspire your natural abilities to be creative.

About Oklahoma A+ Schools:

Oklahoma A+ Schools® is the state’s only research-based whole school network with a mission of nurturing creativity in every learner. Learn more at www.okaplus.org.

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