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Kid Review: YMCA of Greater Oklahoma City

by Isaac Roldán, age 7

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What made the experience stand out?

I have asthma so I had never really tried sports or a gym before. Swimming classes are good because they teach you how to not drown, and it turns out yoga for kids is also a thing people do.

What was the best part?

The Y Cade is my favorite area. It’s like an arcade with a foosball table and XBox games that make you move and dance and punch.

What was the worst part?

I couldn’t stay at the Y Cade because I’m not old enough but I was glad to try it. My brother is 4 and he loves the Child Watch area, which is like daycare with stories and dinosaurs and activities, but I feel too old for it.

Will other kids like participating at the YMCA?

Yes, they will like the classes for kids because they’re doing exercise that doesn’t feel like PE. It’s much more fun than what we do in school in my gym classes.

Would this experience be enjoyed by your siblings? Why or why not?

My oldest brother is 12 and his middle school doesn’t have PE or a gym class so he feels happy to be there. Yoga is our family’s favorite activity there.

If you could do this again, knowing what you know now, what would you do differently? 

I would not be afraid of the [Mitch Park location’s] water slide. I wasn’t sure I could pass the swim test to be able to do it but I did and it’s really fun, not scary. I would also go swimming more with my mom in the pool. Summer is so hot and I like playing in the water.

Does anything you learned match up with what you’re doing in school or have done before?

Yes, I’ve been to swimming lessons before but I had not ever tried yoga or basketball.

What do you think you’ll remember most about visiting?

I’ll remember trying different ways to exercise. I learned what namaste means: I recognize the light, peace and beauty in you because it is in me, too. It’s also just a fun word to say. And there’s a way to feel less anxious that I learned at yoga where you touch each fingertip and say “peace begins with me.” That’s cool. I can see that being useful in school when I get stressed out. So if you want to exercise and feel less stress, you should try the YMCA.

Editor’s note: The YMCA of Greater Oklahoma City has locations throughout the metro, including Moore, Edmond and surrounding communities; memberships are reciprocal to other YMCA locations, like Norman locally, as well as around the country. Isaac’s YMCA experiences are specific to the Mitch Park location in Edmond. Find more Kid Reviews at

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