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Kid Review: Harkins Theatre Bricktown

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Venue name: Harkins Theatre 16, Bricktown, 150 E. Reno

Kid reviewer’s name: Samuel Roldán

Age: 9

What made the experience stand out?

We walked around Bricktown before the movie and saw all that there is to see in the center of the city. My Mom talks to me about why it’s important to know where you’re from and what’s going on there. Taking a walk let me see what people mean when they talk about Bricktown. We saw a little yellow water taxi and my brother said “Hello!” and everyone on the taxi said “Hello!” back. Then, we went to the theater and it felt larger than the one I usually go to in the mall. The experience felt more special because it was just my Mom and I and we weren’t there to do any shopping. 

What was the best part?

The concessions were the best! I got to use my own money and it cost about $5 to get an ICEE drink, a popcorn and a package of fruit gummies. 

What was the worst part?

The movie had to be restarted because the 3-D glasses they handed out to everyone didn’t work with the film that was played. That was kind of funny, though. Other than that, it started to rain after the movie and we had a long walk back to our car. We made it just in time but I wish we had been able to park closer. 

Will other kids like the attraction and why?

There’s a "Transformers" arcade game outside that kids will want to play. I didn’t have any quarters to play it but I liked just looking at it. If their parents take them on a walk first, that’s a good way to get their energy out before sitting still for a few hours. Not having to go shopping before or after is something kids will also like because that way, the visit is just about seeing the movie together instead of also doing errands like buying shoes or trying on clothes, which I don’t think are very fun.

Would this attraction be enjoyed by your siblings? Why or why not?

Yes! My brother, Isaac (age 4), also likes to come to this theater. Our baby brother can’t come yet because he’ll cry during the movie. 

If you could do this again knowing what you know now, what would you do differently?

I would bring quarters for the "Transformers" arcade game and not worry about eating dinner because the popcorn was so big, I had to share it with my brother when I got home.

Does what you saw match up with anything you,re learning in school or have seen before in a book, on TV, etc.?

I’ve been to other movie theaters but because the movie had to be restarted, it made me wonder about how the movie is projected on the screen and what happens with the film in that tiny window up there. If you look up and behind you during the movie, you can kind of see a person sitting there but I would like to go on a field trip or a tour and see how they play the movie.

What do you think you,ll remember most about having done this activity?

I’ll remember the walk around Bricktown, the rainstorm and the movie itself. I like it better when just my Mom and I go to the movies than when we take Isaac too. Is that okay to say? I remember more when it’s just her and I together.

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