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June 2011 Online Book Reviews

by Mari Farthing

Reading Time: 5 minutes 

Grades PreK-3

The Adventures of Dusty Popsallot
By Chris M. McDaniel, illustrated by Dawn Josephine
(authorhouse books, softcover, $10)
Go along with the very imaginative Dusty as he moves through the adventures of his day. The fun, rhyming verse makes this a great book to read aloud with your children. Comes with a reading guide in the back of the book and further reading ideas.
Everything Butt Art at the Zoo
By Brian Snyder & Alexis Moniello
(Madbrook publishing, softcover, $10)
This creative activity book instructs children how to draw 15 different zoo animals … all starting out with a, well, butt. Makes drawing fun and will keep kids laughing as it teaches drawing concepts.
The Watch Cat
By Don M. Winn, illustrated by Toby Hefflin
(Cardboard Box Adventures, softcover, $8)
Everyone has heard of watchdogs, but have you ever met a watch cat? See how this clever cat outwitted the bad guys to keep his family safe. Includes discussion questions at the end of the book.
Beyond the Moon with Luna
By by Stephanie Rach
(IAG Media, softcover, $15)
Luna learns how to jump over the moon and beyond, and girls will learn that they can do whatever they want to do in life, as long as they try and give it their best. A fun, uplifting tale of empowerment.
A Place to Grow
By Stephanie Bloom, illustrated by Kelly Murphy
(Bloom & Grow Books, hardcover, $17)
The little seed travels on an exciting and harrowing journey through the world, looking for the perfect place for it to grow. Where will the little seed finally land? Will the little seed find the perfect place to land and grow? Read this engaging tale to learn the answers.
I’m Really Not Tired
By Lori Sunshine, illustrated by Jeffrey Ebbeler
(Flashlight Press, hardcover, $17)
Samuel McKay is really not tired … because he knows that when he goes to bed, that’s when the adventures begin. Or do they? A fun bedtime read for children of all ages who hate to put an end to a fun summer day.
Laughing Giraffe
By Mwenye Hadithi & Adrienne Kennaway
(Hodder & Stoughton, softcover, $9)
A beautifully-illustrated African folk tale of how the giraffe went from being one of the noisiest animals on the savannah to the quietest.
Doodles Alphabet Coloring Fun
By Setria James
(Authorhous, softcover, $15)
This coloring book uses art to engage children in learning letters. Each page features a different letter, with illustrations beginning with that letter for children to color.
The Fujimini Adventue Series: Green Hamster and the Quest for Fun & Red Penguin and the Missing Sushi
By Eileen Wacher, illustrated by Alan M. Low
(Once Kids LLC, hardcover, $11/each)
The first two books in this series introduce the characters of Green Hamster and Red Penguin. Through the series, children will be introduced to characters from the mysterious and fictitious island of Fujimini, which blends aspects from Chinese, Korean and Japanese cultures. A fun way for younger readers to learn about foreign cultures.

Grades 4+

The Adventures of Johnny Saturday
By W. F. Lovelady
(Authorhouse, softcover, $10)
The imaginative Johnny fills his days with imaginative play and reading, but what happens when his adventures take a turn for the very real? When he finds a mysterious black journal, he is introduced to a magical adventure that is beyond his wildest imagination.
The Monster Doodle Book
By Travis Nichols
(Perigree Books, softcover, $14)
A different drawing prompt on every page so kids (and kids-at-heart) can draw their own monsters, whether funny, scary, bumpy, lumpy, spikey, colorful or plain. It’s all up to your imagination!
Best Kept Secrets (A Pink Locker Society book)
By Debra Moffitt
(St. Martin’s Griffin, softcover, $7)
Jemma, Kate and Piper are middle school girls who like to know what’s going on and won’t be distracted from learning everything that preteen girls need to know about life.

For Parents

Tea Parties with a Purpose
By Bobbie Wolgemuth
(Howard Books, hardcover, $15)
Plan a tea party for your friends, family or church group and learn valuable life lessons in the process. This title includes 10 fun theme ideas for tea parties that will appeal to all ages.
Eat What You Love, Love What You Eat
By Michelle May, MD
(Greenleaf Book Press, hardcover, $25)
Diets don’t work. We all know this, but still, weight loss can be a difficult challenge. This book seeks to help you find the why behind why you eat what you eat and offers clear guidance for mindful living, eating and moving. Includes recipes and resources.
Letters From Home: A Wake-Up Call for Success & Wealth
By David R. & Andrea R. Reiser
(John Wiley & Sons, hardcover, $28)
Feel like your home life is spinning out of control? The Reisers offer 10 basic lessons for improving the foundation of your family that will have a positive impact on your home life – and beyond.


Mari Farthing is the Editor of MetroFamily magazine.

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