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Is your Freezer Ready for Winter?

by Karen Perea

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Fresh fruit and vegetables are less expensive in the summer and fall, so I like to buy the vegetables at the lowest prices and then freeze them for winter. By freezing the fresh vegetables I am better able to control what my family eats.

Earlier today, I cooked 8 ears of corn. Half I cut the corn off the cob and the other half I broke in half and left on the cob. I now have the equivalent of 3 cans of corn and 8 small ears of corn for winter—and I bought it all for $1.

I also like to freeze fruit for the winter also. I like to wash the fruit off and then place it on a cookie sheet and put the cookie sheet in my deep freezer. After the fruits are hard they are easily slipped into a Ziploc bag for use later in the year. I like to use the frozen fruit in recipes, to snack on and to make pies with during the holidays.

Year round I like to keep chopped up onions, peppers and corn in my freezer to make cooking easier.

What do you like to freeze during the summer and fall to stock up for winter?


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