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If Only…

by Mari Farthing

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I saw a quote someone tweeted the other day and it gave me pause.
The only person stopping you from having the body and life you want to have is the person you see when you look in the mirror.
If only it were that easy. I tried that way, for years. It’s not always just a matter of determination and willpower; sometimes you need more. When I learned that there was a part of me that was essentially broken, it was powerful. It answered so many questions for me. It gave me strength. It empowered me. Let me know that I’m enough. Because I didn’t feel like I was.
If I can’t do something as simple as eat fewer calories and move a little more to drop 10 pounds, what is wrong with me? Well, now I know that there really was something wrong with me. Because I had all the information; I’ve studied proper nutrition, exercise, the benefits and the methods. I know how to do it and I could do it, but not effectively.
Whether imagined or not, I saw questions in the eyes of others. Judgment. I would profess to be trying as hard as I could and not seeing results. Yeah, right. If you try hard enough, you will see results! Well, I’m the poster child for not always.
So, yes. That person in the mirror is the person stopping you from having the body and life you want to have; but sometimes it’s not a simple matter of what you do and how you do it. Sometimes all the effort in the world that you put in will not give you the results that you seek, and sometimes you need to ask for help.

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