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How to Save on Clothes

by Karen Perea

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I hear many people still saying that there are not any coupons available for the things they buy—I can prove most of them wrong now. Unless you’re a nudist, you wear clothing. I was able to save a good bit of money on my children’s back to school and winter clothing over the past few weeks using coupons.

Here are two of my favorite places to shop for clothes using coupons:

Macy’s—I always forget to go check Macy’s, since I think that they are higher priced. I actually got some of my best deals on my children’s clothes from Macy’s. This past weekend they had a $10 off $25 purchase coupon out that was good on Friday and Saturday until 1pm. I was able to get my older boys (wearing a men’s medium) eight shirts and only paid $23.45 after tax. According to my receipt I saved $289.30 and only $10 of that was a coupon. The rest were sales. I still like combining the coupons to save even more!

Kohl’s—This goes back to me talking about the importance of signing up for a brand’s e-mails. When you first sign up for Kohl’s e-mails you get a $5 off  coupon to use at your local Kohl’s store. Then, throughout the yearm you can get various coupon offers. Recently I received some $10 off $10 purchase coupons in my e-mail from them. I did nothing to get them. I do not shop Kohl’s that often and I do not have their credit card. It is just a perk for having signed up for their e-mail. I was able to find some nice jeans for my older boys marked down from $48.00 a pair to $4.80 per pair. Two pair of jeans were only $9.60 so I added a shirt I found on clearance. I paid $2.59 for 2 pair of jeans and a long sleeve shirt for my older boys. Without the $10 off $10 purchase coupon I would have paid $12.59. I much prefer the $2.59.

What are your favorite clothing stores to shop at using coupons?

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