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Hocus Pocus: Tips for Halloween Tablescapes

by Mecca Rayne

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To say I love the holiday season is an understatement. For me, tablescaping and decorating in general are ways to create a fantasyland of sorts, and each holiday can be turned into a month of special reminders according to the décor you set up in your home. And let’s face it – for adults, the holiday season allows us to take a step back into our childhoods, revisiting the time when holidays made us so giddy you could barely stand it!

I was very sick last year during my pregnancy with Hyperemesis Gravidarum. I spent most of my pregnancy in and out of the hospital or hooked up to IVs and needles or needing intravenous medication. So I did not decorate for the holidays last year, which means I am extra excited to bring the holiday décor back to my home.

Let’s talk Halloween: the candy, the costumes, the cooler temperatures! My brain starts itching with ideas for October during the summer!

I normally start with a theme. This year, I am thinking “witches.” I, like millions of others, love the movie Hocus Pocus – so it just seems natural to go all-in with the broom riders!

For the centerpiece when planning my holiday table, I like to have a cake as my centerpiece as well as small desserts to really hone in on my theme. A few years ago, I had a huge Frankenstein cake that looked so real I was nervous he might talk when we turned the lights out! This year, I have chosen a witch hat for the centerpiece and toads for the small cakes. We all know witches use toads when they cast their magic spells … so they are a must!

To set the atmosphere, I’ll hang cobwebs and flying witch hats from the ceiling. The flying witch hats are among my favorite decorations. I ordered a pack of hats from Amazon and used clear string, tacks and a hot glue gun to hang them from the ceiling, giving the illusion of an invisible witch! It’s an awesome and creepy look, perfect for Halloween!

For the table, I have black plates, black silverware and small cauldrons for serving soup, as well as a large cauldron and ladle for popcorn. This year I have added matte black and copper martini glasses for a touch of chic flair. I’ll add in glasses held up by skeleton hands, plus wine glasses in the version of the Hocus Pocus magic spellbook to go with the theme. Special napkins can help add to your look of classy, cute or spooky!

To add to the creepy décor, I use eyeball orbs and set out glowing ghosts. I also love candles and enjoy seeing them lit at all hours of the night. Using flameless candles for safety, I place them on the table as well as the countertops.

For the food, I like to layer the plates adding tiny charcuterie boards on the very top. I think it’s imperative to have something of substance to eat, so I will make, depending on the weather, tortilla soup or a big salad or pasta and serve it up on the plates with forks and knives in the shape of bones. Local professionals and folks who bake and make for fun always have interesting or unusual holiday treats. I normally incorporate one or two fun easy-to-make treats. I stick with the recipes that DON’T require a ton of materials. For instance, I made dirty q-tips using marshmallows and peanut butter. I’ve also turned juice boxes into mummies with eyes. I always check Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram for inspiration and new ideas.

No matter the theme, the meal or the holiday, I get such joy from seeing my friend’s eyes light up in excitement. It is almost like creating your own movie set. You are the director, the casting agent and the writer! You get to decide on the vibe, the tone and the storyline. And I must say, the results are always memorable.

The pandemic has hit everyone hard, and if you can find the time for decorating, it might just add a little smile to your days. I know it does for mine and I look forward to it every year. It’s a small escape from the real world! Happy decorating!

Hat cake and frog Rice Krispie treats by Incredible Cakes 
Hocus Pocus cake bars by Sugar Mama

Mecca is a wife and new mom to her first baby girl. She has been living and working in OKC for six years as a journalist for KOCO5 news. Mecca loves entertaining, especially for her family, with whom she is very close. Decorating and tablescaping spark her creativity, and she enjoys how it adds colorful joy to her home each season.

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