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High brow doesn't mean out-of-reach

by Callie Collins

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The holiday season is the perfect time to foster your kids' interest in the arts right here in Central Oklahoma. MetroFamily's editorial staff began a four-part series this past month about exactly that: theater performances that welcome families. Family fun doesn't have to mean outings just for children; parents too will have a great time seeing local attractions and interacting together is what really cultivates new interests.

My seven-year-old son, Sam, and I recently attended "How the Grinch Stole Christmas! The Musical" at Civic Center Music Hall and he was surprised to see young performers as part of the cast. This sudden relevance came just as his school class put on a Disney Spectacular show of their own, so the tie to our community with upcoming events like these feels especially important this year. 

Art is for everyone and I think that point gets lost in translation sometimes as we talk about appropriate behavior in public and being a good – and quiet – audience member. While that expectation is true for practically any performance, some are more kid-friendly than others and our arts series focuses on those that are especially for children. I've gone from being really worried that my children would be too active during shows to finding what works for us to keep them engaged and part of that is finding what they enjoy. Practice makes perfect and they won't get a chance to have those experiences if there aren't a few hushed reminders along the way; it's all part of the process. High-brow doesn't have to mean out-of-reach for little hands. They too have a place at local arts venues. 

Next month, we'll be tackling visual art, with some of the area's best museums. Whether you're stepping out to "The Nutcracker" or taking in a new exhibit, there's something for every age. Even my toddler can have a good time at the Oklahoma City Museum of Art's selection of classes. It's fair to say that art has never been so kid-friendly, with hands-on features at nearly every museum and theater around. 

MetroFamily's Weekend Picks newsletter is delivered on Thursdays to more than 14,000 subscribers throughout the metro; it lists the weekend's top 10 events plus five for the next week, including many of which are centered around art. This week's edition features five art-related events, a fact that underscores how much is going on this time of year in that category. Sign up here to find family fun near you.

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