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Here and now: fall’s best in Oklahoma City

by Callie Collins

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Oklahoma City family fun is huge in October. It just might be the most fun month of the year, in fact, to have small children, with so much to enjoy together.

Pumpkin patches in and around OKC, haunted houses and trick-or-treating all make their appearance this month, sure as autumn leaves.

Halloween is on the horizon and I’ve already Googled for costume ideas: a Transformer, a baby duck, a hotdog, peas in a pod. The possibilities keep coming and while it’s the better thing to plan ahead, I don’t want to miss everything else the season has to offer.

Here and now, we have to be ourselves. 

Before we focus on all things Halloween, there’s this weekend and maybe next weekend to visit a fall festival, pick out apples at the grocery store, go on a hay ridetake a drive to see fall leaves.

Fall Break is coming and I can almost taste the s’mores, licorice and candy corn that will somehow turn up at our house.

We can make plans for camps, classes and activities during that time because that’s what we, the parents, do. Autumn, though, is the here and now for small children, the crunch of leaves and the sudden need for jackets.

I’ve heard of stopping to smell the roses but this month feels busier than ever, with spelling tests and school reports, fundraisers and after-school activities. Now is when we get to stop and smell the wood smoke as fireplaces are lit for the first time this month.

The season for fall family fun in Oklahoma City is here. If you’re looking for something to do this weekend, click here for MetroFamily’s Weekend Picks, the top 10+ weekend events. The selection of things to do on our calendar is varied and long and I’m so glad. The magazine’s October edition is a can’t-miss read and even includes easy instructions for the cute costumes featured on our cover if you can’t help thinking about Halloween too.

Happy October!

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