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Girls Will Be Girls

by Rebecca Lucas

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I am really surprised to be saying this already, but my four-year-old is already dealing with a “mean girl” at her school. Having gone through several mean girls in my lifetime, I completely understand what she is going through, but had no idea it started as early as four.

She has come home upset a few times now about how this girl in her class calls her names such as “crybaby,” and she recently cut her hair (of course it was in the front). She keeps telling me she wants to be her friend and she honestly doesn’t understand why this little girl is so mean to her. It is so hard to explain to a four-year-old how the whole “mean girl” phenomenon works, but I am trying my hardest to help her understand until she is old enough to fully recognize how some people behave. I have honestly never understood this behavior myself, and even at age 35, I am still treated poorly by some women.

For now, I’ll just keep reiterating to my daughter that she’s a very unique individual, full of her own style, likes, dislikes and that it’s okay for her to dance to the beat of a different drum. What others think of her doesn’t really matter, as long as she knows who she is, is happy with who she is and has friends and family who love her exactly the way she is!

How have you handled similar situations with your daughter(s)? I always appreciate seasoned mother’s advice!


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