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Getting into Summer & a New Family Member, by Kami

by Kami McManus

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Our summer is blasting into FULL SPEED and it is only the second week!

Our first fun event was our gymnastics show. The kids had an awesome time showing off everything they have learned this spring. Summer session has already started and all our daycare kids are joining us again. We are so excited, especially since we have all our friends from the Spring session—plus a big sister of one of kiddos and two new friends. So our Tuesdays are pretty jam packed!

Then went took a trip to Kansas City to visit grandparents for Memorial Day weekend. We had a lot of fun shopping, fishing, going out to dinner, and exploring a new water park! We checked out Schlitterbahn Water Park and it was AWESOME. We highly recommend it!

Next we came home to our first full week of no school work! What a weird feeling to not get up and worry about getting our school work in for the day. We quickly adjusted by going on doing lots of fun stuff!

So far in our first full week of summer we have been to a splash pad, gone to see a few movies, gone to the library, helped organize and attend our play groups’ summer kick-off event, and then we got some good news.

As I have explained before, our curriculum is provided to us by a online public school. One of the many perks (in our opinion) is having a teacher that helps us out whenever we need it, helps us stay motivated, and tracks our progress. As a result we get a report card that is based on the progress we made, grades on tests, quizzes, and work samples we submit during the grading period. Well, we got our son’s final report card and he got straight A’s! In fact, he has straight A’s for the ENTIRE YEAR! We are so proud of him. We also got the scored of his writing test back and he did great on that, too. He has worked so hard this year and it shows.  So of course we had to celebrate with some frozen yogurt from our favorite place, Yogurt Bliss.

Then our summer got even crazier! To start our second full week of summer, we added a new member to our family—a seven week old Irish Setter puppy that we have named Nessie. We have been waiting over a year for her and we are so excited that she is finally here! We spent a lot of our time getting the house ready and buying every we needed to bring her home and welcome her into our home. She joined us on Sunday, June 3rd and has settled in very well so far.

She is adapting well to our go-go-go summer activities and so far has already made trips to the vet and to dance class with our daughter. Of course she was a big hit and everyone adored her. Nessie’s next big adventure will be a 5 hour car ride, as we are headed back to Kansas City very soon!. Our son will get to attend his first country music concert and Nessie gets to meet Grammy and Papaw and their dogs that we met two weeks ago.

Between having kids, moving overseas and back, then moving again to OKC, we have waited to get a dog. We wanted our children to be old enough to help out, but still young enough to grow up with the puppy! They are both a little skittish around animals, but they love them. So we are hoping Nessie will help our children’s confidence around animals grow and their love of animals will grow with it. They absolutely adore her, and it already obvious that she loves them.

Stay tuned as we navigate all the adventures of being new pet owners! I am sure we will have lots of funny stories to share!

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