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Geography Games

by Jennifer Geary

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This week we're on to geography-themed resources! I will admit that at first, I had no clue what I was going to do with this, other than review map skills.  Math seems to naturally lend itself to games, but geography? I was stuck. After a little time on Pinterest, though, I felt better. Who doesn't?! Really, though, I realized that if I focused on fun geography-related activities and not just games, I had so many more options.  

Honestly, I'm still figuring out exactly how I want to approach this. It seems like this would be a good area for both of my kids to cover together since it's not necessarily so skill focused like math is. I do have a plan for some ongoing geography fun this summer as my friend starts a bike tour through South America, but right now we're doing a variety of things that aren't always related form week to week.

A few ideas for you:

Geography Quests: Heather has come up with some fun and challenging activities on a variety of different places around the world.  

Map Games: I've pinned a lot of different map games on my Pinterest geography board. Too many to list here individually. One we really enjoyed that was really simple was Racin' Across the United Statesand it could be easily modified to work with any area. Danielle did a great job of modifying a game she already had to suit their current area of study and she shares what she made, too!

Picture Books: I love picture books for introducing different countries and cultures! Delightful Children's Books has a great compilation of books for every continent!

Foods: If you've been learning about a particular region of the world, maybe this would be a good time to try some new foods from that area!

Sticker Books: Usborne has some really high quality sticker books for flags and clothing from around the world your kids may enjoy. They can learn some geography and get some good fine motor practice in at the same time!

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