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FUN in OKC for Father’s Day

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Since being a dad is basically synonymous with fun, let’s celebrate the dad figures in our life this weekend with lots of FUN in OKC! No matter what “type” of dad you have, our vibrant city has an event for you.

Suave Dad

Watch out Sinatra, dad’s got moves! If the dad in your life really likes to cut a rug, mark your calendars for the Daddy Daughter Dance & Dive: Candyland on Friday, June 16 at The Station at Central Park in Moore. Get dressed up and enjoy a “date night” for girls to be escorted by any adult relative. The pool deck will transform into a party with dancing, swimming, snacks and door prizes. $10, in advance; $15, at the door.

Motor Head Dad

If vehicles are your dad’s jam, check out the Edmond Electric Touch-a-Truck at UCO on Saturday, June 17 from 9 a.m.-noon. The family can interact with life-size vehicles and community support leaders like police officers, firemen, construction workers and more. Proceeds benefit the Edmond Hope Center. $2 suggested donation.

Relaxed Dad

If your dad would love nothing more than to kick back with a classic film (and perhaps a cold drink!) this event is for him. Don’t miss the FREE Floating Films at Riversport OKC on Saturday, June 17 from 8-10 p.m. You can literally watch a movie while on a raft, in the river! The Father’s Day film couldn’t be more fitting… what dad doesn’t love Raiders of the Lost Ark?! This event is free to attend, but raft rentals are $19.99 and they tend to go quickly!

Outdoorsy Dad

If your dad has the weather app on his favorites, plan to attend the FREE Father’s Day Festival at Scissortail Park on Sunday, June 18 from 11 a.m.-4 p.m. The whole family can enjoy games, food, music, vendors and more.

Or, if dad prefers a more “back to nature” experience, celebrate by attending the FREE National Go Fishing Day, also at Scissortail Park on Sunday, June 18 from 1-3 p.m. Learn and practice basic fishing skills including casting and knot tying, and receive hands-on instruction with actual fishing time. Rods, reels and bait will be provided.


Gift-Centered Activities

We all know the best gifts are handmade and from the heart. Make a sweet gift for dad to let him know, all puns aside, what a “rock-star” he is!


Found rocks

Hot glue

Picture frame




With the help of a grown-up, have kids find small rocks outside and around the yard. After washing the dirt off, hot-glue the rocks around the picture frame until the frame is covered. Draw a sweet message (my dad rocks!) or place a favorite picture of dad with the kids inside the frame. Have a camera and tissues ready when you gift it!


There’s no how-to or instruction book for how to be a great dad. We’re all figuring out this parenting thing as we go! But if you are reading this, the entire team at MetroFamily and I are absolutely confident that you are nailing it. In a world that values “macho” attitudes, thank you for being gentle. In a world that credits busy-ness with success, thanks for giving us time. In a world that makes self-centeredness more appealing than family-centeredness, thank you for making the kids your top priority. The love and stability you provide cannot be understated or overlooked. Dad, you are a undoubtedly critical part of the family unit. May you always feel your family’s admiration and love. We are so, so very thankful for you!

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Kirsten Holder is a transplant from Michigan but calls the “land that is grand” her home. She graduated from Oklahoma City University and is passionate about the arts, community development and small business. She is the senior project manager for MetroFamily Magazine, and lives in a historic pocket in OKC with her young kids Jimmy and Millie, and husband Andrew.

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