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Frugal Ways to Help Your School

by Karen Perea

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For many, school is back in session and it is time to keep track of the various things your school may collect.

Box Tops For Education-—Box Tops are on many products that we buy every day. It is simple to cut them out and save them for a school. Each school gets $0.10 for each box top. I went shopping yesterday and with the various things I purchased and a store promotion I came out with 121 box tops. That is a $12.10 donation to my children’s school. (It did not even cost me $12.10 for the products after coupons so this is an awesome deal).

Campbell’s Labels for Education—Many products are included in the Campbell’s Labels for Education program.  There is not a preset value for these labels like there is for box tops, but you can view the products a school can pick and see how many labels each item “costs”.

Fast Fixin’ Home Team Rewards—Fast Fixin’ has Home Team Rewards on all of their products. These codes can be turned in by any registered 501(c)3 organization in exchange for CASH. Each Home Team Reward is worth $0.30. You can actually double dip with this program. Buy the Fast Fixin’ for dinner and use the Home Team Reward for the school and save the UPC symbol to turn in for coupons. Fast Fixin’ Fanatics gives you a FREE product coupon for every 10 UPC symbols you turn in. That is a tasty way to help the school.

Terracycle—This is a relatively new program (it started in 2001). Terracycle takes trash (Capri Sun pouches, chip bags, pens, candy wrappers, etc) and transforms them into different items such as purses. I am unaware of any school near me that has this program, but would love to know if you do.

If your children’s school does not collect these items, call around. I am sure there is a school very close to you that will take them.  Have a great school year!

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