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Frugal Christmas Presents

by Karen Perea

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I know it is not even July yet, but think about it….you have to keep the kids busy this summer so why not think ahead and prepare some homemade Christmas presents now!

Here are some ideas:

  • Calendars—Personalized calendars are a nice gift for the person who has everything. This summer I am going to have my children pose for themed pictures. We will do a picture for every month of the year. They will have fun plotting out the background and the outfits to go with everything. A digital camera is all I need. They can even use the camera themselves and have complete control over it. Then when a code comes out on various photo sites to make one for free I am ready. If a code does not come out I can still make an inexpensive one using a photo site and it is a gift that will get used.
  • Doll clothes—If you have any scrap material or stained clothing or clothes that do not fit anymore you can use them to make doll clothes. Doll clothes are simple to make. Not to mention teaching a child simple sewing skills is something that will serve them well later in life.
  • Hair scrunchies—I like to make these out of spare material I have lying around. It is simple to cut a piece of fabric into a rectangle, sew the long sides together, insert a piece of elastic and then sew the ends together. Instant hair scrunchie in whatever color you need.
  • Art book—My youngest son loves to color and create art. My problem is saving the art work and knowing the recipient actually has places to store the pictures. I now let my son color all he wants, and then I scan the pictures into the computer. I use these to make a coffee table art book. When the photo book free or reduced rate sales come around I can make a nice book full of my sons art work and give it to the family for a present. I am guaranteed that I gave them something they did not have.
  • Wooden items—I have taken my children to many of the local building store’s children events and my children have a collection of things they have built with their own two hands. We have birdhouses, plant holders, planes, etc. They can now paint those things and give them as gifts. All it costs is a little time and some clearance paint from the stores “Oops” section and a brush. Very inexpensive and it is something that is 100% from your children.

What other frugal crafts can the children make during the summer that can later be given as gifts?

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