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Free or under $5: find fall fun with your kids

by Callie Collins

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Oklahoma City family fun officially turns a corner this weekend: Saturday, Sept. 22 marks the first day of fall.

I love fall for reasons beyond sweater weather and apple cider. There’s just a little bit more time and some discretionary cash during this season since the requisite school supplies have been purchased and the holiday rush hasn’t yet started.

Every year, our editors at MetroFamily do an amazing job of putting all the season’s best resources in one place: our 2018 Fall Round-Up is ready to go so you can be too. What you’ll find there is everything a family could want to do during fall, from pumpkin patches and hay rides to fall festivals.

Even if you do have a little more to spend this month, this list of free fall events is still amazing. It’s just nice to get everyone out of the house without worrying about the extra cost sometimes. See community fun that’s free beyond just this season here.

Getting out in nature is idyllic this time of year, of course. Check out info about Martin Park Nature Center.

Keep more of that discretionary income in your pocket with these 50 fall things to do under $5 too. My sons have also reminded me in turn that we need to visit our public library this weekend since we haven’t done that in a while, so we’ll definitely head that way. Coupons are also around for discount admission to local venues as well.

If you’re into filling out your calendar week-by-week, check out next Saturday, Sept. 29 on our calendar. That day in particular is just packed with so many choices for free fun events, I can’t decide where we should spend our day. Top contenders are Tinkerfest, which features comped admission at Science Museum Oklahoma as well as a hosted maker fair, a free festival in the Plaza District where we love to see art and color, and the Lunar Moon Festival at Military Park, which is also offered without charge to celebrate Asian culture. Fiesta de las Americas is also held the next day in the Capitol Hill District.

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Those opportunities also help round out the kind of fun our family looks for with cultural experiences that feel like something memorable. Our fall traditions are beautiful and fun and something I want to do with my kids but there’s room for everyone with different festivals that help kids better understand Oklahoma City’s diverse population.

While you have your planner out, take a look at Fall Break options to start making calls and get your spot reserved. Whether you need all-day care or just want to do something fun, there’s a Camps, Classes and Activities our list with offerings that you know will fill up fast. Oklahoma Hall of Fame sponsors the list and they’re also hosting 10 totally free classes during Fall Break this October, including Paint-a-Pumpkin Day on Oct. 20.

This fall feels different to me. That variety of activities reminds me that we all have a choice about what to do and with whom and those choices help influence who our children will be. My youngest is almost 6 months and I love the idea of stroller walks in the fall while his three older brothers cultivate who they will become as we take in the community. That harvest, the eventual one many seasons from now, will feel rich.

For now, though, there’s free family fun to cultivate happy childhoods along the way.

Get out and enjoy it all now because sure as the return of pumpkin spice latte, winter will be back all too soon. Happy autumn!

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