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Family Tips for Rolling Blackouts in OKC

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As the temperatures and wind chills in OKC reach the coldest the city has seen in over a century, our power grids have become overloaded with the ever-increasing demand. As directed by Southwest Power Poll, temporary service interruptions, or rolling blackouts, have been mandated throughout the state and region. According to OG&E, if you experience a blackout at your home, the power outage is estimated to last approximately one to two hours. You do not need to report the outage.

While your power is on, there are steps you can take to lessen your consumption of electricity and natural gas. OG&E reports these steps will help lessen further interruptions:

  • Turn off lights you aren’t using
  • Turn off or unplug appliances you aren’t using
  • Set your thermostat lower than usual if possible (68 degrees)
  • Limit the use of major electric appliances, like your dishwasher, dryer and stove

Tips to conserve heat and protect your home if you do experience an outage.

  • Avoid opening exterior doors
  • Close blinds & curtains
  • Shut doors to unoccupied rooms
  • Use towels to block drafts
  • Bundle up with layers and warm blankets
  • Drip faucets to help prevent pipes from freezing.
  • If you have a gas furnace, turn it off and wait for ten minutes after the power resumes before restarting.
  • Avoid opening your fridge as much as possible.

If you do experience an outage or are looking for kid and family activities that won’t consume extra energy, check out these ideas:

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