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Everyday Play: Making a Wreath

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This fun holiday craft develops your child’s scissor skills and strengthens bilateral hand skills.

You’ll need:

  • Paper plates
  • Glue sticks or a small container of glue for dipping
  • Tissue paper
  • Child-safe scissors

Show your child how to fold a paper plate in half and encourage her to cut a semi-circle around the inside of the plate. Remove the inside of the plate after it is cut, then unfold the plate to reveal a wreath. Help your child decorate the wreath by tearing small pieces of tissue paper and squeezing the paper into balls. Give her a glue stick to use to cover the wreath in glue, or dip each paper ball into glue and attach to the plate. To finish, help your child punch two holes at the top of the wreath and lace ribbon or yarn through the holes so she can hang her creation.
In addition to creating a holiday decoration, you can also use the wreath as a frame for a picture or drawing, making a great handmade gift idea.

Happy Holidays!

Excerpted and used with permission from the Gryphon House book, Everyday Play: Fun Games to Develop the Fine Motor Skills Your Child Needs for School by Christy Isbell.

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