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End of the Year

by Jennifer Geary

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We've made it to the end of the school year! Really we've been kind of done for a while now, with field trips and holidays taking up more and more space and I haven't worried too much about it since we'll be doing some school through the summer, too. I like to have definite start and end dates, though, so we're calling Friday the last day and celebrating since it's the last day for most of the public school kids here, too. I also like to take some time to look back at what worked and what didn't work so I can start making some plans for the new year!

My son's favorite thing of the year was our land run day. We had so much fun with this!  Friends came over and we had a little lesson and then the kids did their own land run and had a picnic lunch. I would definitely like to do some more things like this with other families next year and I already have a few ideas rolling around my brain!

My daughter said her favorite thing was when we did the unit on If Jesus Came to My House. Of course, I'm horribly behind and haven't blogged about that to share details with you, but it is a sweet book of an old poem (the copy we have is actually much older than the one I linked above) and we used printables from Homeschool Share and Homeschool Creations. We learned about Zacchaeus and made a little craft and then they talked about him in Sunday School, so I think that's why this one stuck with her so much. We also read A House is a House for Me and We Were Tired of Living in a House, which are both cute books.

My favorite things this year were probably our artist studies. This year we had the opportunity to see some traveling exhibits that related to our artists and that was a lot of fun.  I also enjoyed the land run and the unit studies I did with my daughter.

I can't believe we're done with preschool and the 4th grade—and it's going to seem like no time at all before kindergarten and 5th grade roll around!  Happy last day!

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