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DIY Egg Dye Solutions

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Creative ways to DIY your Easter eggs with items you likely already have at home!

Marble eggs using oil and water
  • Go old school and use food coloring with these tried-and-true tips from McCormick.
  • Make marbled eggs by adding oil to some of your colors! Check out this tutorial from Better Homes & Garden magazine.
  • Create a speckled design using rice, food coloring and baggies. This shake method offers a less messy option that gets toddlers and preschoolers in on the fun. Bonus: you can use the colored rice for a sensory bin afterward.
  • Skip the dye altogether and make abstract eggs! Round up some materials you have at home (think tissue paper, washi tape, confetti, etc.), scissors, paintbrushes and watered-down glue.
  • Tie-dye eggs with brush pens or markers. Check out this tutorial to learn how.
  • Save your applesauce cups and reuse those as egg holders for watercolor-painted eggs.
  • Bubble wrap makes an interested stamped pattern.
  • Incorporate temporary tattoos to amp up your dyed eggs.

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