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Date Your Daughters

by Eric Urbach

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Fathers with daughters, there is something you need to know…The boys that will pursue your daughters will think just like you did when you were their age.

If you are still reading and not headed to your favorite home improvement store to buy bars for your daughter’s bedroom window, let me give you some advice.

Date your daughters.

From what I read, women of all ages want to be pursued. They want to know from the man in their life that they are beautiful and are worth fighting for. Women truly want a knight on a white horse to rescue them and take them on an adventure. Be that guy for your daughters.

I don’t do this near enough, but I understand that it is very important to be an example to your daughters of what admirable qualities you want her to find in a man. The way to do this is to take your daughter(s) on dates and do it right. Open doors for her, let her go first, help her get seated and LISTEN to her. Make her feel special. I think you might be surprised at the positive reaction you get from your daughter(s). The hope is that your daddy/daughter dates became a highlight of your relationship with your daughter(s) and when the time comes for them to choose a man, they will choose nothing less than the example you have set for them.

I’ve read that fathers are so very important when it comes to establishing their children’s sexual identity. Don’t take that lightly. Think of the girls you’ve known that were promiscuous. I would bet that most of those girls either had a poor relationship with their father or none at all. You know that girl who always has to have a boyfriend even if he is a lowlife that treats her like trash? Inquire about her relationship with her father. I suspect it’s lacking.

Fellas, the bottom line is that your daughters are going to be pursued by someone. Set the standard for who she’ll chose. Let there be no man on the face of the Earth as special to her as…Dad.

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