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Community Involvement, by Kami

by Kami McManus

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Are you busy? I know my family always seems to have something going on. Between my hubby working, me working at home, hubby taking college classes, me home schooling our children, our children’s sports/dance/co-op, and then our social events with friends and family; there seems to rarely be a day that we don’t have something going on!

One of the things we have been able to add to our already crazy schedule since we began homeschooling is community involvement and volunteering! Not as much as we would like, but something is better than nothing right?

In the last year, we have begun doing fundraiser walks. This year was our second year walking in the OKC Heart Walk for the American Heart Association. We also hope to do walks for “Walk A Mile in their shoes” for foster kids, Relay for Life, and Alzheimer’s walk. Our goal for each walk is to raise $100. Then we go and walk on the day of the events. These events are a lot of fun and we get some exercise as well! Getting in shape and raising money for worthy causes….sounds like a win-win situation to me!

Some other things we like to do is go help out at the Regional Food Bank with our co-op group. This coming week, my husband and our 10 year old will be joining other families from our OVCA co-op group and help pack boxes of food.

For some, homeschooling can make it so your family is available to help out at a time when others have to be at work or in school. So get out there and find out where you can help—check with your church, local military base, shelters, and even the city you live in.

Some things you can do that don’t require you to go far or register with anyone:

  • Pick up garbage in your neighborhood.
  • Offer to mow yards for elder folks, deployed military spouses, or anyone else you know that just needs the help!
  • Have a car wash and donate the money to a worthy cause.
  • Offer to walk the neighbor’s dog.
  • Do you have a dog or cat? Find out if they are able to do pet visits at local hospitals or retirement communities.

Things that your little ones can do to help or spread some joy:

  • Draw or color a picture.
  • Make a card for our troops.
  • Visit nursing/retirement homes.
  • Visit your local VA hospital

There are literally hundreds of things you can do as a family to help others. These experiences help our children learn about giving back and appreciating what they have.

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