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Community and unexpected family fun

by Callie Collins

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Oklahoma City has no shortage of family fun to experience this holiday season. Making the most of your time together can be achieved with just a little planning and MetroFamily's lists have all the details in one place. 

Find our best holiday lists here:

I admit it: I'm a planner. Knowing what to expect, when and where is a comfort to me and definitely characteristic of a career in public relations/marketing that carries over into my personal life. Our family's weekends usually include a family outing in-between board games, homework and chores. That time is precious, so I make sure we head out the door with a fully-stocked diaper bag and all that we need to know about where we're headed. However, the stars do align unexpectedly sometimes. 

Last Saturday, however, my only plan was to get some sleep. At eight months pregnant, rest too has its place on the agenda. I had just settled in for a long winter's nap when my son, Sam, age 7, pronounced a phrase that would change the afternoon: "Hey! I found my harmonica!" I knew then and there that sleep wasn't going to happen. It was time to get up and do something else, preferably out of the house.

We made the swift decision to purchase this year's Christmas tree from somewhere that wasn't a big box store. I wanted an experience more memorable than a parking lot with neon signs and shopping carts. Sorghum Mill Christmas Tree and Blackberry Farm proved worth the short drive just outside our area, with the option to choose a tree on the property. We found a great alternative complete with free hot chocolate, cookies and candy canes. We opted for a precut pine that has proven softer than any other we've had and it was worth the drive to watch my boys enjoy tromping across the acreage. 

I remembered reading about an address near the Farm in MetroFamily's holiday lights list and we made a quick tour of the area's displays. It wasn't in the plan, not something we'd counted on doing but worth the extra 20 minutes. We arrived home to haul in the tree and bring down the usual decorations forgotten since last year in the attic.  

"I really need to return these library books tonight," my husband said as he untangled strings of Christmas lights. "Want to go have hot chocolate while the branches spread out?"

We found coats and scarves again and put everyone back in the car. A closed street in front of Edmond's Metropolitan Library let us know something was happening in the area. I suddenly remembered reading about a City of Edmond Christmas parade, an event after the Mayor's Annual Essay Contest. Bright lights across the library property and the "ooh-gah" of claxon horns from decorated vintage cars urged us across the street. We'd stumbled upon a terrific family experience complete with Santa waving hello and my sons smiling back.

The four of us went on to drink hot chocolate and decorate the tree – a perfect evening that I couldn't have planned. Knowing about what's in the area was helpful, though, even without a set itinerary.

Whether you want to plan your weekends in detail or just read more about what's happening in the community, check out MetroFamily's calendar and Weekend Picks. There's something for everyone, no matter what works for your family. 

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