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Clues About Your Child’s Self-Esteem

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Kids often drop clues about how they feel about themselves, but many parents miss them. According to Renaye Thornborrow, founder and CEO of Adventures in Wisdom, “How kids feel about themselves is critical for their happiness and success in life. Kids with strong self-esteem tend to go for their goals and stand up to peer pressure whereas kids with lower self-esteem often drift through life and may be easily influenced by others.”

That’s why the company provides a free “Assessing Self-Esteem” tool on their website, where kids can complete an assessment (on their own or with their parent) and rate themselves on a 1-10 scale. How kids rate themselves may help parents to understand where their kids need support.

Other clues to self-esteem issues:

  • Negative talk. If kids compare themselves to others negatively they are showing signs of low self-esteem.
  • Shy interaction. Do kids jump in or hold back? Those avoiding new people or experiences may have self-esteem issues.
  • Negative emotions. Sadness, fear, anxiety or embarrassment often stem from self-doubt.

Often, these traits may be a normal part of a child’s personality; but they could also be indicators of a larger problem. These clues, combined with the completed assessment, may help parents to address possible self-esteem issues with their children. Visit to learn more and find the Assessing Self-Esteem questionnaire.

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