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Celebrate Oklahoma at the Oklahoma History Center

by Jennifer Geary

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This Sunday is Oklahoma's 107th birthday! In honor of this date, I'd like to share a bit about the Oklahoma History Center with you and why it may be one of the best field trips you can take your kids on to learn about our state.  

1) Location: The Oklahoma History Center is located at 23rd and Lincoln, just across from the State Capitol, so if you live anywhere in the metro, you're fairly close.  

2) Scope: There are many unique and interesting sites you can visit around the state to learn about different time periods and events, but none of them have the scope of the Oklahoma History Center. Whatever facet of our state's history you've been studying, you are likely to find it here, from oil exploration to the movie industry and everything in between. Even if you consider yourself an Oklahoma expert, you're sure to learn some new things!

3) Exhibits: The quality of the museum's exhibits is fabulous, and best of all, they have many hands-on opportunities for kids to learn about history. They can take a (pretend) ride in a wagon, scope out the enemy behind a wall of sandbags, or stage a production of a musical. This is not a museum where they'll be bored!

4) Family Friendly: If there's a large gap in your kids' ages, you may find it hard to find places where all of your kids can learn something and have a good time.  The Oklahoma History Center has done a great job of providing many ways to experience the exhibits. Visitors can read, listen, and interact to learn more about each topic, no matter what age or ability level.

5) Classes and Events: Check out the museum's website for special classes and events. Each year in the fall they host a Homeschool Day where re-enactors and exhibitors come together to provide homeschool families with resources and activities to learn about our great state.

If you haven't visited the Oklahoma History Center recently, give it a try.  I know you'll enjoy your trip!

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