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by Mari Farthing

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The best way to learn something is to make it a habit, right? So why not apply this logic to behavior? Do good things—and then pass it on.

Boom Boom Cards are designed exactly for this—a collection of task cards you can accomplish with your family. Register the cards online and pass them on after you do the task. Give it to your neighbor, mail it to your cousin, tape it on someone’s yogurt cup in the fridge at work. Every time someone finds a registered card & looks it up online, the chain of kindness is revealed.
These tasks go from the super simple to a bit more complex, and each one provides your family with a teachable moment. What is the result when you step outside of your comfort zone and do something positive for a stranger, a friend, your neighborhood? Those actions resonate … making a big Boom Boom.

The first one we tried was to send a letter to a loved one, and since our family is scattered around the country, we had plenty to choose from. This is an act of kindness that we’ll find easy to reenact. Everyone likes to get mail, and what a great way to stay connected to the loved ones we don’t often see.

So does your family need a little positive kick? Check out the details on becoming a Boom Boom agent of altruism at

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