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by Mari Farthing

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You know, we have a pretty, new website. I know that you know this because you’re currently reading this post on our pretty website, and I was looking forward to posting my personal thoughts about my parenting escapades here on this pretty site, but then I got a hitch in my giddyup when my dad died. It’s been almost a month and now it’s time for the memorial; so while the information has been sinking in & becoming more real, here we are, ready to open up the grief all over again.

My kids have never experienced a family member’s death. While they didn’t see my parents more than once or twice a year at most, they were aware of who Grandma and Grandpa are, along with the rest of our family of aunts and uncles and cousins and grandparents. We have pictures of our loved ones all over the house. We talk about family members, write letters and cards. Since we live far away from our extended family, we have to keep our family alive in our daily life the best way we can.

And I guess I’ve been doing that with my Dad, even though on some level I know he’s gone, I can still live as though he’s still around. Because we’re used to creating that presence around us from afar. But now we all have to face the reality.

I’m hopeful that this time together will bring us all closure and help us to move to the next phase of life.

And I’ll be back to blog again.

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