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Back to School. by Jennifer

by Jennifer Geary

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School’s back in session!  At our house, we started last week, and so far it’s going pretty well.  We kicked off our year with a field trip to the George Washington exhibit at Gilcrease Museum (you still have a few weeks if you haven’t seen it yet!) and lunch out with daddy since he had the day off.  Our second day was the first day of class for the district closest to us, so we did a bit of school and then headed to the splash pad.  It was great to enjoy the cooler weather and lack of crowds!

This week we’ve added in more subjects.  We started our first Five in a Row book of the year, The Raft, and we also started science.  We’ve been doing math and the presidents all summer, so we’ve kept on with those.  Soon we’ll add in Oklahoma history (and geography and famous people), artist studies, and writing, too!

This year my three-year-old is doing more formal activities with us.  She’s been tagging along all this time with a few special things for her thrown in here and there, and now she’s getting her own things to do!  Mostly it’s a lot of reading and playing and working on letters and sounds and numbers, but my real goal is to get her used to having time for directed activities and to get me used to working with her.  So far, it’s actually going pretty well, though if you ask her about school she’ll tell you she’s not going!

We’ve made a few changes since last year that I’ll share more about later, and I think this is going to be a great year of learning together!

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