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4 Reasons to Shop for Halloween Costumes at Goodwill!

by Emiley Bainbridge

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It’s that time of year again! Parents across the metro are trying to find Halloween costumes for our kiddos that fulfill all their creative dreams but won’t break the bank. Here in the Oklahoma City metro, Goodwill is the perfect place to make everyone’s dreams come true! With 24 retail stores that are constantly adding new items, there’s no shortage of inspiration for your family’s trick-or-treating fun.

We got the scoop for shopping Goodwill for Halloween costumes from Frank Holland, vice president of donated goods and retail for The Goodwill of Central Oklahoma. Check out these 4 reasons to score family costumes from Goodwill!

1. Sustainability.

Just last year, Goodwill of Central Oklahoma kept 25 million pounds of items out of the landfill. You can contribute to this cycle of sustainability by donating your child’s costumes back to Goodwill once they have outgrown them.

2. Unique costumes.

“No one else will look like you!” Said Holland. “If you want to have some fun and use your creativity, anything’s possible!”

Has your child ever made a costume request that is incredibly specific (and maybe a little bit obscure)? Maybe that’s just my kids, but when your preschooler wants to be a witch with a burgundy-colored dress that isn’t itchy, Goodwill is definitely going to offer you more options than a big-box store.

Shopping Goodwill is also perfect to find tons of inspiration when your kid isn’t sure what costume they want. Each Goodwill retail store creates Halloween displays that are full of ideas, plus many of the employees dress up in costumes, too!

3. Options that have a life beyond Halloween.

Finding a costume secondhand often means you’re putting together actual clothing items that can then be used as part of your kids’ wardrobes. Let’s say you found all the pieces for a witch costume at Goodwill: that dress, leggings and boots can all be worn separately for everyday outfits throughout the year.

4. Affordability.

Shopping secondhand will definitely save you money. Plus, the costumes your kids will be wearing will be higher quality — not made out of cheap fabric that is itchy and makes them sweat buckets after walking only one block.

Holland said some full costumes can be put together for as little as $15. Purchasing costumes secondhand is an affordable way to have tons of fun and enjoy functional clothing after the holiday has passed.


Goodwill Industries of Central Oklahoma  is a community-based, nonprofit agency serving central Oklahoma. Their mission is to transform lives through the power of work. Goodwill Industries of Central Oklahoma employs 700 people and operates 24 retail stores, 17 attended donation centers, one outlet store and one Job Connection Center. Find a Goodwill location near you by clicking here.

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