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5 Ways to Recharge

by Jennifer Geary

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Like so many others, I fall prey to the Winter Blahs pretty much every February.  I’d like nothing more than to shut myself off from the rest of the world and read and watch TV, but for a homeschooling mom, that’s not really realistic or advisable.  Last year about this time I shared some tips for reviving your homeschooling time when you feel like doing just about anything but homeschooling.  Now I want to share a few tips for reviving yourself!

  • Take a short break from school:  If you were teaching in public school you would have had Martin Luther King, Jr. Day off and probably President’s Day, too.  Yes, some schools have their teachers come in for inservice days, but they do at least get some time to work without their students being there, which is often hard to come by for homeschooling moms.  It’s okay to take a day or two off to regroup so you’re better ready to do your job!
  • Take the evenings off:  If you can’t spare a few days, try to take the evenings off as much as possible.  I spent the last couple of weeks on a major Downton Abbey binge.  Yes, my ironing basket is overflowing and the school room carpet is in dire need of a good vacuuming, but it was just so nice to kick back and escape for a few hours.  The chores will still be there and probably not significantly worse for waiting an evening or two.
  • Find a new book series:  One of my favorite ways to recharge is to spend some time with a good book.  I especially love series because I can spend time with characters I enjoy and I don’t have to think too hard about what I want to read next!
  • Take up a new hobby:  Is there something you’ve always wanted to try?  Take a class, read a book, watch tutorials on YouTube and give it a go!  Or, if you’re like me, you have about seventeen different craft projects waiting to be completed and this is a good time to tackle at least a couple of them.
  • Make some plans:  Spring break is just a month or so away, so this is the time to consider what you’ll do.  Also, if you get out a calendar you’ll start to see how close the end of the school year is!  Planning school stuff isn’t necessarily my idea of relaxing, but I love that feeling when I see the rest of the year mapped out and I know I can make it—and it also helps me stay on track when spring arrives and I want to be outside all the time.

However you recharge, don’t forget to take the time to do it!  You will feel better and your family will always benefit from a happy mama!

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