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30 Day Mom Challenge Day 14

by Mari Farthing

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30 Day Mom Challenge Day 14: Remember that being a mother is a gift.

I was reading an article online, about how French parents seem to have calmer children. How we, as American parents, seem to chase after our kids and allow them free reign. French parents work within a much stricter parameter of discipline at home and a greater range of freedoms outside of the home.

I have witnessed this myself, an attitude of permissiveness (when it comes to bad behavior) and protectiveness  (not allowing children to feel negative consequences) with children, which puts them firmly in the driver’s seat where it comes to discipline and parenting issues. And I think an unexpected side effect of this approach is parents who don’t really like being parents.

Before you send me an angry comment, just consider it. How many times have you heard moms say that they are just overwhelmed with the job of parenting, that kids take too much out of them and they are left feeling like a martyr, sucked dry from just giving, giving, giving. Or one step further—how many times have you felt or thought that yourself? I will readily admit that I have, on more than one occasion, participated in this counter-intuitive parenting device, and it always makes me feel emptier. It’s draining. So I say, “no more.” I don’t want to feel used up by what is at the root of it, my life and the choices I’ve made. I’d much rather be thankful for who I am, what I’ve worked for and what I’ve been given.

To prevent myself from sinking into the pit of mommy martyrdom, today’s challenge to “remember that being a mother is a gift” is apropos. Deep down inside (some days it seems to be deeper than others), I revel in the blessing of motherhood. My kids are great people, and I’m so thankful to have the opportunity to help shape them into amazing adults.

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