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30 Day Mom Challenge Day 12

by Mari Farthing

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30 Day Mom Challenge Day 12: Pray for wisdom in mothering your child.

Not a day goes by when this one doesn’t apply. The basic truth of parenting, for me, is that it’s never easy. I struggle with doing the right thing by my children while balancing the right thing for me. Am I giving them enough of my time? Did I give him the right advice about dealing with that tough issue? Should I have signed her up for that class? Did the punishment fit the crime? Did they understand when we had that discussion? Did I give him too many chores? Was I too dismissive when I told her no?

Did I do the best I could today?

Every day I worry that I’ve made mistakes in parenting. But I think that the very fact that I question myself means that I’m doing a good job. Praying for wisdom in parenting sharpens my focus on my family, and raising my children is an important job that I don’t take for granted. I never pray for strength because then I just get more opportunities to be strong; but I always pray for wisdom.

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