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30 Day Mom Challenge Day 10

by Mari Farthing

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30 Day Mom Challenge Day 10: Today’s mom focus–joy.

How can a person focus on joy when life is filled with responsibilities? When from one moment to the next, the day rushes past at a breakneck pace while you switch from task to task, making sure that the things that “need” to be accomplished actually get done?

You just do, that’s how. At least that’s what I do.

I focus on how when I wake up, there is coffee, hot and ready, in the kitchen. And if there isn’t? Then I focus on the fact that I can make a pot from the can that’s in the pantry.

I focus on the sleepy hugs that my children give me when they wake up (or, more realistically, when I pry their reluctant selves from their beds), before they start bickering.

I focus on the corny jokes that we make at the table during breakfast, the fact that he gives her a napkin without being asked the fact that she got the juice for both their lunches.

The hot water in the shower. Listening to my favorite song in the car. Having five minutes to just look out the window and admire how the wind blows the leaves in the trees. The flock of geese that flew by & scared me half to death with their sudden honking.

Even when it seems there’s nothing to be joyful for, look at all that surrounds you and find joy in that. Staring down a mountain of dishes? Lucky you, for having enough food to cook for your family, enough dishes that you don’t have to rinse them after each use, enough hot water to wash them in.

All around us, joy is there; we just have to open our eyes to find it.

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