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3 Ideas For Creating At-Home Family Fun

Credit: Lindsey Brooks

by Mecca Rayne

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WHAT TO DO? WHAT TO DO? No seriously … what should we do?!

This is a question many parents ask themselves daily, but ESPECIALLY when going out isn’t an option because of weather (hello, rainy springtime!) You need something to do and likely with few tools or materials to do it!

I think it’s important for parents to pull out their Never Neverland memberships or (LOL) get one if you never had one before. As a mom of two tiny tots, I keep mine handy. The key to entertaining your kids, significant other, in-laws, neighbors or anyone else who might be joining in the fun is to remember what it was like to be a KID! Imagination is everything.

Check out 3 of our family’s favorite creative activities:

The Indoor Safari:

Pick something and go on a search for it. Get a tablet or phone to take pictures and walk through the house discovering evidence of this elusive thing or creature you are trying to find.

The first time I did this with my kids, we were on the hunt for gorillas. We found fur and footprints, food and, yes, even gorilla poop. (NONE of it was real but if you would have asked the kids, they wouldn’t have even thought about that part because I gave 100 percent to this game.) We screamed and rolled and crouched down. I examined everything closely and encouraged them to do the same. I asked what they saw and what they could smell. The kids’ eyes lit up and they were all in. I led the first round and they quickly took over, oftentimes changing the course of the search.

You can always up the fun by adding walkie talkies and splitting up or placing actual evidence around the house for the game, that way the discoveries are even more exciting.

My 2-year-old loves Tanukis, an animal we learned about at the OKC Zoo. A Tanuki is often referred to as a raccoon dog. This little creature is SO cute and she couldn’t stop talking about it, so we incorporated it into a game. We call out for Tanuki (and I mean to the tops of our lungs, which often results in hysterical laughter). We then pull up videos on the Tanuki and learn some interesting facts about them.

Top Chef Night:

Pair up an adult or teen with the littles to encourage everyone to have some fun. Then, prepare a dish and have the other family members taste it and give feedback, always keeping in mind being sensitive to what a child creates is of the utmost importance. The responses should be positive but could also result in funny faces and reactions.

Give the dishes’ names, prices, locations where it can be purchased and your favorite celeb or cartoon who frequents this so-called place for your very special creation.

And parents — you could always pull out a dollar or two and pay for the meal!

This game could also be played where the family members taste the dish with their eyes covered and guess the ingredients, write it down and gift the winners some fun or goofy prizes.

C’mon you can’t tell me that’s not food fun for the fam!

Create a family band: 

A singer with a wooden spoon mic, a drummer with a pot and pan. Chimes with the best lids and so on. Grab items from around the house. Pick a band name, choose a song or just a verse to perform and don’t forget to record it.

Another option is family karaoke night. Give a performance with the kids from your favorite Disney movie and belt it out — channel your inner Beyonce!

Wishing you an evening full of joyful, silly, creative and thoughtful time spent with the entire family.


Mecca Rayne

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