Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is SUMMER!, by Kami

Our mission is SUMMER FUN!

As you can see in our picture, we had a blast last year! We were blessed that our only daycare family last summer were our very own cousins! Having kids that are mostly in the same age bracket made it super easy to find fun stuff to do!

Last summer we enjoyed play dates, splash pads, bowling, water play in our back yard, parks, the zoo, events hosted by our local restaurants, the library, indoor play places and a family vacation to see family and friends in Tennessee.

This year it is looking like we won’t be going very far, but we have been looking for lots of fun things to do that are fairly close to home and won’t break the bank. We have some financial plans for the next year or so, and we are working hard to save money to reach those goals—but we still want to have lots of fun!

Our summer plan for this year includes some of the following. I am sure we will add more as the summer goes on, but I think this will get us started.

So as you can see we have a TON of fun plans to help us accomplish our mission of summer fun. Mission: Summer Fun is now ready to go, in just a few short weeks we will be able to “execute” our plans for this operation!

Now that you know our plans, share some of yours! We would love to hear your ideas, so please comment below.

Next week, we will look back over our year as we finish up the school year!

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