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Woman by the Side of the Road

by Dorian Quillen

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A bad economy, another school shooting, economy woes – it seems there is nothing but bad news all around.

What if there was some good news? What if, despite living in a world seeped in despair, there is more good than bad? That in reality, we are surrounded by good people, many of whom we don’t even know?

We are.

Some call them divine appointments. Others say they encountered a guardian angel. Some dismiss them altogether as mere coincidence.

They may last several hours or less than 10 seconds.

Whatever you call them, no matter how long they last, they have two things in common – you don’t see them coming and they change your life.

Taking its name from a 10 second encounter while riding a bike nearly 20 years ago, “The Woman by the Side of the Road,” is the latest offering by Oklahoma City author, Dorian Leigh Quillen. The book will be a collection of true, compelling stories of unexpected encounters with strangers who appeared at just the right time to offer hope and encouragement in a dark moment.

In the same inspirational tone of her first book, “Class Act – Eight Young People Who Turned Tragedy into Triumph,” Quillen is seeking stories that will uplift and encourage readers.

“I believe many of us have these experiences where, in a moment of great need or great pain, a total stranger shows up and encourages us in exactly the way we need,” Quillen stated.

“I think it also speaks to the value of being kind in everyday moments, because you might impact someone’s life forever without even knowing it.”

“I’d love to hear more of these, and am actively seeking more stories to include in my book,” Quillen said.

People may either submit their own written stories, or a story idea where the author will interview them and write their story. Stories must be true, not have been published before, and the person submitting it must have first-hand knowledge of the event.

Stories may be submitted to Dorian Quillen, P.O. Box 57495, Okla. City, OK 73157-7495 or at dorianquillen@att.net under the header, “book story.”

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