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Winter break in Oklahoma City: family fun awaits

by Callie Collins

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Oklahoma City family fun is ready when we are this winter break. 

My baby didn't want to wake up this morning. He wasn't ready to put on day clothes, go and make Christmas crafts. The gray day felt uninviting, like it wasn't supposed to begin yet.

The mild fall-into-weather in this uncharacteristic season made lower temperatures all the more shocking when they did come. 

We are all ready for the break. I saw in him the same sleepiness I think most schoolchildren and many of their parents feel this time of year: it's time for a holiday. 

Winter break begins for daycares, schools and after-school activities next week, give or take a few days. 

If you're still looking for a winter break camp, click here to see MetroFamily's list. 

Whether you'll be home with your children during the break or just want to plan some weekends together soon, here are some awesome local options for Oklahoma City family fun:

I saw my baby snuggle back into the sheets this morning. That's also a valid option for winter break.

We'll do some of the above, certainly; my sons haven't visited Santa yet and that's at the top of their holiday list. Other than that, though, it's about friends and family. We're trying a new tradition this year of an improvised get-together before Christmas at my house. That's what I really want for Christmas: peace and people. 

Anything else, fun and community, is the bow on top of a busy/happy life.

No matter how you celebrate, find time to rest too. Enjoy your winter break!

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