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What we stand for: moms, dads and MLK

by Callie Collins

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Oklahoma City family fun happens on three-day weekends. 

As parents, we do so much for others. Between the carpools, lost socks and endless meals, it's easy to lose sight of what we're really striving for here: raising kind, well-rounded individuals who in turn care about others. Three-day weekends are the perfect time to refocus and this month's is especially relevant with its unspoken challenge for moms and dads who face that balance of moving forward through the daily routine while imparting the values that matter. 

Martin Luther King Day is this Monday, Jan. 18 and the observance means a free day for many workers, families and school children. The holiday, dedicated to equality, freedom and a struggle centered around the power of individuals who come together, gives us another connection point. It's an opportunity to talk with our kids about what we believe and why.

I think of MLK as an invitation, an intangible Save the Date card to have those conversations with a day set aside just for us to talk through some of the issues we see in the news. Time and place are often what's missing to accept that invitation because experience is what's required to make those beliefs relevant. 

Standing up, standing out, knowing what you stand for: it's part of what we pass on to our kids. Some of us find truth in church, in tradition or in a Macklemore album; we're all trying to set an example and do our best for the next generation. 

I'm going to use this holiday to pass along what's important. 

Whether you're looking for ways to teach about history, diversity and inclusion or want to give back to your community in the spirit of the Day of Service, MetroFamily's website has resources to help you make it memorable. See our MLK Day in OKC Guide to Events and Activities here.

The fact that doing for others is part of the official job description of moms (and dads) everywhere isn't a question. 

Making sure that what I'm doing lasts longer than today's clean laundry is my challenge.


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