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Toys for Smart Play: Dr. Toy's Best Picks Children’s Products for 2011

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Dr. Toy's Best Picks Children’s Products 2011 awards are now available to parents, teachers and others at 

Dr. Toy’s Best Picks Children's Products Awards Program 2011 was developed by noted play and child development authority, Stevanne Auerbach, Ph.D. (a.k.a. "Dr. Toy") as a service to consumers who desire to purchase safe, affordable, educationally oriented, stimulating new toys and products for children.

"As a childhood specialist for over 40 years," says Dr. Toy, Director of the Institute for Childhood Resources, founded in San Francisco in 1975, "I have seen the continuous, essential need for more year-round resources for consumers to identify and choose the most appropriate, safe and engaging learning and developmental products for all children."

The report, “Dr. Toy’s 100 Best Picks Children’s Products for 2011”, is being released according to encourage parents and teachers to focus on the value of play as essential to the learning process. She adds, “Smart play products selected from many excellent companies across the U.S.A., Canada and other countries provide children with exciting new developmentally appropriate tools to help them do better in school, and also provide more constructive activities after school.”

Dr. Auerbach believes “parents and grandparents need help to gain a head start locating new, diversified products that children will enjoy while increasing skills, enhance instruction,  and expand imagination.” The products balanced among large and small companies, range from low to high tech for “hours of active, creative, educational, and stimulating fun.” “Children learn best through play,” says Dr. Auerbach, “and these smart new toys and products encourage children to maximize their potentials.”

“This is a good time to ‘take stock’ and do an inventory of what your child is playing with, what is not used and what they need next in their development.” adds Dr. Toy.” Dr. Toy’s Guide offers excellent ideas for choosing new products for use in learning, after school play and the holidays ahead.”

 Dr. Toy's Best Picks were carefully chosen as worthy of attention from among thousands that she has reviewed at toy fairs, catalogs, and through many other sources, and by using extensive criteria she has developed over many years. Among the criteria used are: safety, age-appropriateness, design, durability, lasting play value, cultural and ethnic diversity, good transition from home to school, educational value, learning skills, creativity, improvement in the understanding of the community and the world, good value for price, and, naturally, fun.

Dr. Toy's annual report includes company customer service numbers, web site URL, age range, price, and full description of each product and more. Dr. Toy’s Guide features full color photos of each product, links to companies to learn more, interviews with and articles by Dr. Toy. At this time, over 4,500 products are included plus links direct to companies, toy stores online, toy history, “Ask Dr. Toy” feature, parent resources and much more.

Complete information about these smart toys and products are included in the full report

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