Tips on photographing your child

Give your kiddo the best chance when entering your submission for Cover Kids Search! Follow these tips below from our sponsor, FotoArts Studio.
  1. Lighting- For best results use Natural light. Shooting outside during sunrise, sunset or anytime during a cloudy day is ideal. If shooting indoors, position your child close to a window. Pay attention to how the light hits your child’s face. Make sure there are no shadows on face, but solid, smooth light over all. And never take it where the light is bright behind the child; the child’s face will be very dark in that instance.
  2. Clothing- Pick something comfortable that your child can move around in. Think simple with the color pallet by not adding too many different patterns, but adding layers for fun. Avoid logos and lots of words, if possible.
  3. Posing- Capture their personality. For older kids, let them choose some of their own poses and add some of their favorite music in the background for inspiration.  For younger kids, give them something to hold, somewhere to sit, or something to look at.  Get down on their level. Fill the frame with their face or full body.  For individual entries, make sure your child is the only one in the photo and for sibling entries, make sure only the kids who are being entered are included in the photo.
  4. Backdrop- Keep it simple with very little distractions in the background.
  5. Timing-Plan around their schedule and keep in mind when they will be in the best mood to take a happy fun photo.
  6. Have FUN and be creative! Try different angles: Shoot vertical, horizontal, close up and full body. Shoot from a higher angle with them looking up, for instance. Try getting a natural smile by telling a silly joke or asking for a laugh. Also try getting them to move by jumping or twirling.