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The Power of Good

by Dorian Quillen

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Just a few weeks ago our state commemorated the 20th anniversary of the bombing of the federal building.

During this time, leaders of the community from the mayor to the leadership of the Oklahoma City Thunder promoted the Oklahoma Standard, encouraging all Oklahomans to perform one act of honor by extending help to fellow citizens.

As the storms of May have rolled through our state, once again we have witnessed the Oklahoma Standard in action once again. Total strangers have donated time and labor to assist those whose homes and lives have been damaged by the tornadoes of May 6 and the flooding rains since.

Despite living in a state that is regularly battered by catastrophic weather, I feel honored to live in Oklahoma. Whether we are recovering from a terrorist attack or a tornado, Oklahomans have consistently lived up to the high ideals of the Oklahoma Standard.

When you consider the sheer power of goodness, imagine how we could change our communities, work relationships and families by adhering to this standard of honor and kindness in our daily lives. Whether it is paying for the person in line behind you or spending an extra hour reading to your child, the Oklahoma Standard has the capacity to change every part of our lives for the better.

I hope you will join with me this month and commit to performing one unsolicited act of kindness in the next few weeks. If you see an opportunity to help someone, just do it. Carry someone’s groceries to their car, encourage someone who is down, or write a note to lift someone up.

We all have the power to change lives. The Oklahoma Standard is a great way to start.

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