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The GloRun: a fun night for better days

by Callie Collins

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Oklahoma City family fun keeps us moving. 

I don't remember the end of summer being this rainy. Between recent rainstorms and the fact that their free days are numbered, my sons seem less inclined to get out each day. The park is muddy and only our black lab, Midnight, wants to go on a walk. 

Indoor time can be perfect for imaginative play. If you're looking for a new place to play indoors besides your own living room or pillow fort, click here for some local venues. 

Our family has a day in mind, though, to enjoy some outdoor fun together: Saturday, Aug. 26. We're headed to the GloRun at Edmond's Mitch Park, which has become a family tradition for us. There's a one-mile fun run for kids but I think we'll stick with our 5K goal for the whole family.

Strollers are permitted so I'll push my toddler, age 2, and my five year old will probably run the entire distance. 

This year will be our third time at the GloRun. I love that my family gets outdoors to be active together. It's a really fun night because there's a terrific community feeling as the crowd gets ready, with glow paint and music. There are usually some fun costumes and bright wigs. My favorite part is watching my sons enjoy the experience, run through areas decorated with lights and cross that finish line.

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There's also a talking point for families that goes along with the GloRun. The run is held to support local drug and alcohol rehabilitation at The Recovery Center. 

My boys are 10, 5 and 2 and we talk about substance abuse almost daily. Our immediate family doesn't have that issue and I hope we never do but these conversations are part of that prevention. When we can't turn on the news without hearing about opioid addiction, there's a problem and it's a matter of time before they start seeing it in school. 

We keep moving everyone forward, graduating them to the next stage. They crawl then walk and finally run, one foot in front of the other. 

I want to make sure nothing slows them down. We talk about that before the GloRun and after it. We say things like "Do you why all these people are here tonight? There's a problem in our community and all around. It could come find you so we want you to know what to do if it does."

My sons remember last year's run. They know why the event is held and questions come up. I'd so much rather answer those than someone else. 

Beyond that, it's just fun. I've heard that staying busy is one way to keep teens away from drugs and alcohol. In a few years, summer will be about jobs and this schedule will have totally changed. For now, though, we're just running past neon lights. Family fun, the bond created as we make these memories, should help too. 

I hope it does, for my children and yours, and that we all have more sunny days.

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