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Transform into a territorial Oklahoma kid

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What was life like when Oklahoma City was getting established in the 1890s? Find out through these activities.

  1. Kids in the 1890s made their own toys from what they could find at home. One of the most popular toys was a string and button buzz saw. Make your own from materials around your home by following these the instructions at
  2. When kids went to school, town or to visit friends, they walked. Sometimes it was as far as three miles there and back. Take a walk with your family while imagining you live in the 1890s. Calculate how far you would have to walk to visit your favorite places!
  3. At school, the kids recited the Pledge of Allegiance just like they do now. But the words were different. The pledge was first published in 1892. Find the original words and compare to the pledge we recite today.
  4. Kids wore overalls, short pants, calico dresses, long skirts, straw hats and bonnets. Dress the part by creating an 1890s outfit. If it’s OK with your parents, post a picture and tag @HarnHomesteadMuseum on Facebook or @harnhomestead on Instagram so the Harn can see your territorial creations.
  5. Until you can visit again, take a virtual ‘Walk through the Harn Homestead’ at

Visit for details on their reopening this summer.

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