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Taming Tantrums at the Checkout Line

by Janine Boldrin

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Even the shortest line can seem never ending when you have a cranky kid. Especially if they are too big to sit in the cart! Here are some tricks to keep tantrums and candy grabbing at a minimum:

• Play “puppets” with an item from your cart. Make up a funny conversation with your child about what their new friend can do when they come to your house.

• Spot things around you that are a certain color or shape. Or let your child pick things for you to spot. Have them keep one hand on the cart while they play so they don’t run toward the object.

• Sing a familiar song but have your child fill in the blanks instead of singing the whole song. It will keep them listening. Think: Twinkle, Twinkle, Little _____. How I wonder _____.

• Pretend to be a chef by asking them what they would make with the things in the cart. Or ask them to tell you how they would make their favorite meal.

• Do a little “Simon Says.” Point to your ear! Stand on one leg! Wiggle your nose! Keep the game limited to things they can do while holding your hand or the cart.

• Count the items as you unload them onto the conveyor. If they can only count up to a certain number, start over again when you reach their limit.

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