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Surprise + unconventional = great OKC date

by Elizabeth Davis

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Anyone else get tired of waiting for their significant other to take them on a date? You’ve been asking, begging, dropping notes, texting, being straight out… Well, that’s me. I got tired of waiting for Chris to take me on a date, so I decided to take him on a date. And I decided to plan a date that I wanted to go on!

I woke up him from a nap on Saturday and told him, “Hey, I need you to watch the kids for an hour. I need to go up to my office and get some work done. When I’m done we’re going to go somewhere without the kids — someone’s coming to watch them and I need you to be ready to go. Make sure you wear comfortable shoes, comfortable clothes and a sweatshirt.”

He was really thrown off and had no idea I had been planning this date for two weeks.

We had appetizers at The Jones Assembly (highly recommend!) and then we went to Summit Gym at OKC Silos, great because it’s close to downtown. They only charged us for one of us because we had never been before and it was toward the end of the day. Chris immediately climbed all the way to the top, but I didn’t realize how bad my fear of heights had gotten.  I had a hard time with the auto-belay because it was very hard for me to let go and fall.

But overall, everything was so fun. I think surprising Chris was the best part. I HIGHLY encourage you to take your significant other out without letting them in on any of your plans!

Go out sometime this month! Spend some quality time with your special someone!

Elizabeth Davis is a native Texan and military spouse currently living in OKC. Elizabeth and Chris have three kids, which they had in 2.5 years! Find Team Davis on Instagram @camoandchaos or check out

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