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Staycation? Guests coming into town? Five reasons to try avid hotel’s newest location in Oklahoma City

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Oklahoma City family fun takes place at so many different settings. Sometimes, we all just need a home away from home and finding a quality option for a staycation can make the difference between taking one or not. Welcoming out-of-town visitors and being able to recommend a place to stay that’s ideal for families is also something I see the importance of as family reunions and upcoming holidays brings guests into town, besides all the other family fun events that take place in and around Oklahoma City throughout the year.

I noticed a new hotel with a bright logo over by Quail Springs Mall a few months ago. It looked modern and spacious and their lowercase branding called my attention: avid hotel, the checkmark-style font spelled out. I didn’t have a lot of reasons to take further notice but filed it away in the recesses of my mind. When I received a press release recently about a second location in downtown Oklahoma City near Will Rogers World Airport over on SW 15th, I was surprised to see that same brand pop up.

I’m usually somewhat reluctant to stay at a hotel with my small children because that just isn’t always a fun experience with little kids. My youngest just started walking, I have an inquisitive 4 year old and boys ages 7 and 12 who are all too eager to duck under hotel beds and play hide and seek in the room as I attempt to corral them and wash their hands, order the baby a sleeping cot and generally figure out how to keep everyone pacified away from home. What stood out to me in this press release was one overall theme: quality for families.

There are few disappointments like rolling up to your hotel after a day of travel or just for a night away from home and finding that the building where you’ll be staying is subpar. Hotels can feel unsafe and dirty at worst so I like to know exactly what to expect when I make a reservation.

Here are five reasons I would try an avid hotel:

– The downtown location is new and you can take a tour at their Open House: If you’re planning an event, hosting relatives or need a place to stay, this Friday’s Open House is an easy way to see the hotel. There’s a food truck festival from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. with games, tours and staff on-site to take questions. It’s great to be aware of what’s good close the airport: 4621 SW 15th.
– There’s a room guarantee: If your hotel room isn’t what you’re looking for or there’s a problem, avid hotels follow the InterContinental Hotels Group policy that they will offer a room change. Knowing you won’t have to haggle over niceties and then wait for changes to happen gives me peace of mind there are easy options if you’re not satisfied or need something different for our family. We have definitely had some situations in the past where I wanted the room changed so knowing that won’t be an issue at an avid hotel feels more manageable, especially when everything else is uncertain while staying away from home.
– Rooms are designed for sound sleep: Like a lot of parents, I’m at a stage of life where sleep matters, a lot. avid hotel’s rooms are designed for optimal sleep with noise-reduction features and there are choices like blackout shades and firm vs. soft pillows. My children’s behavior is so much more manageable when they’ve slept well, especially if we’re planning to take in a variety of venues or get on a plane.
– Breakfast is something my kids will eat: There are a variety of options that are quality foods available at the hotel, not just sugary cereals. There’s an egg sandwich and an egg bowl scramble bowl, for example. Other items are described as “grab and go,” which works for when we’re trying to get on with our day but having breakfast on-site and without calling room service makes for one less thing to worry about.
There’s community investment: The brand is willing to sponsor some community happenings, which always resonates with me. I want to know that my money goes back into a business that supports families beyond just our own hotel stay and if they’re providing jobs and making an investment locally, that’s a bonus rather than being a faceless franchised entity. I’ll be interested to see what they help make possible in Oklahoma City.

Find out more about avid hotels here.

I hope this new corporate neighbor will be an excellent addition to Oklahoma City and provide an ideal place to stay for families. Come see it for yourself at Friday’s Open House! I’ll be there, children in tow, making plans and dreaming of summer staycations. No matter where this season takes you, I hope you and your family have fun together through hotels, museums and all there is to see and do in our community.

This is a sponsored post but all views expressed are our author’s.

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