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SPONSORED: How K-12 Online Education Can Work for Your Family

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Every parent wants the best education possible for their child. Public charter school choices increase across the country every day, allowing parents and students the opportunity to find a program that will fulfill the academic needs of their family.

When selecting a charter school research is the key. Visit school websites to learn about the mission and focus, talk to currently enrolled students and their parents, set up a school visit during school hours, and interview the principal and teachers. Consider the following questions during your search: 

  • What educational need does a particular charter school meet that the others don’t? 
  • What is the class size?  
  • What is the particular type of curriculum and learning format? 
  • What is the level of teacher interaction?  
  • Most importantly during your search, eliminate any schools that do not meet your child’s academic needs.
  • Remember, brochures and test scores do not tell the whole story of any school.  

As a K12 parent and learning coach, I find the benefits of a public charter school education priceless. The online campus of the charter school balances the importance of academic rigor with my child’s desire to explore additional outside activities during school hours. Each day the educational goals of my child are presented to me through the online school (OLS) and I, along with the teachers, oversee the mastery of the topics for each subject. The K12 curriculum is a rich, challenging program that allows my child to be motivated and engaged. Home education with accountability has been our academic reality for seven years, allowing my child to flourish intellectually.  

Because of the flexibility of our schedule he participates in an afternoon pottery/ceramics class, in which he explores his creative passion. Through scheduled school events, we attend local museums and theater performance field trips with other students. Through K12, my child has also participated in online clubs, online summer camps, The Winterland Competition (Gingerbread house building) and the wonderful Advanced Learner Program (ALP) where my child has participated in gardening, cooking and book clubs in past years, connecting with other online learners across the country.

It is great for parents to have the option of a virtual charter school because all children learn differently and thrive in different environments. Being able to create that environment at home, and know that K12 has the ability to customize a program according to my student needs, frees me to educate my child in a one on one situation. Weekly class connect sessions (online class with teachers) for my child and conferences with the teachers (who monitor the individual student’s needs) means there is someone to help troubleshoot any problems we may have. The one word that comes to mind is about our online charter school experience through K12.com….Awesome! To learn more about why your school choice matters, click here.

A K-12 Parent and Learning Coach

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