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SPONSORED: Discover Your Creative Side at Oklahoma City Museum of Art

by Jessica Misun

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Art museums, once known for hushing children, have now created brilliant ways to welcome families—and the Oklahoma City Museum of Art is no exception. 

“OKCMOA is not only kid-friendly but provides enriching and engaging activities for kids of all ages,” said Becky Weintz, OKCMOA marketing director.

Parents who often avoid museums fearing that kids will be disorderly or disengaged should reconsider a visit to OKCMOA as it has created experiences intended for even the smallest guests.

The museum is proud to be nationally recognized for artistic excellence and innovative educational and outreach programs for every member of the Oklahoma City community and is home to the Museum School, which offers classes for students of all ages as well as art camps for children. Youth classes are available starting at age 6. Family workshops also are available with gallery visits and art making is offered for kids as young as 15 months. 

According to the Arts Education Partnership (AEP), research shows the arts help children to learn, achieve and succeed. In fact, learning in and through the arts develops essential skills and abilities. These talents include creativity, innovation, problem solving and critical thinking, communication, academic achievement and social engagement, all skills important in the 21st century. 

According to AEP, visual arts should be available and exciting for children and it is important that parents expose their children to the arts in early childhood because among other reasons, research has shown it improves brain function. 

OKCMOA has created multiple ways for your children to discover the arts with family activities like Discovery Packs, Drop-In Art, Tiny Tuesdays and other OKCMOA programming year round. Family memberships are a great way to take advantage of these programs. Many activities offered are free.

Discovery Packs: Look for an OKCMOA Discovery Pack station with fun, hands-on gallery learning. Families can borrow these gallery bags filled with items children can use while they're in the museum. Two packs are available: Ages 2-5 and Ages 6+. What can you do with the pack? 

  • Sketchpad and pencils are provided so your child can draw their favorite works of art. 
  • A bag of questions is included in the packs for ages 6 and up. Choose a work of art that interest you, then pull a question out of the bag and take turns or answer as a family. 
  • Read the enclosed picture book together and connect it with the art you see in the gallery. 
  • Discover the magic of a prism kaleidoscope. What do you notice when you look through it? 
  • Match and discover with cards. First, search together for the work of art pictured on the card. Then look and discover more with a suggested activity.  

Museum family attendees can pick up a Discovery Pack for free, create their own gallery adventure and return it to the front desk when they’re finished. Discovery Packs are presented for free with the support of Williams, a local energy infrastructure company.

Drop-in Art: Join an OKCMOA Teaching Artist each Saturday from 1-4 p.m. to create extraordinary works of art inspired by the museum’s collection, holidays or other special occasions. All ages welcome. No advance registration is required. Free for museum members or included with general museum admission. Presented with the support of Bank of America.

Tiny Tuesdays: Be inspired to create a work of art during these monthly come and go art making sessions geared toward ages 2-5 with a parent or caregiver. Dress for a mess! Select Tuesdays, 10 a.m. to noon. No advance registration is required. Free for museum members or included with general museum admission.

Camps: Looking for something fun and unique for your child to do during spring break or summer? Encourage them to find their artistic side at art camp. The museum provides instruction, extracurricular activities and art materials. 

OKCMOA wants your child to touch the arts! The museum desires to support parents in nurturing their children’s natural love of the arts. Encourage your child’s creative expression by bringing your family to OKCMOA or taking advantage of the many classes it has to offer. 

Pablo Picasso said, "All children are artists. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up." Let the Oklahoma City Museum of Art help bring out the creative side in your child so he or she can cultivate it for life!

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