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Spaghetti Eddie Releasing New Album

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It’s been almost two years since children’s band Spaghetti Eddie released an album but they’re preparing to release “Spaghetti Eddie! And Other Children’s Songs Vol. 5” this month. Brendan Parker is one half of the duo that is based in Oklahoma City. The father of two said everything about Spaghetti Eddie is a direct reflection of family life, from the types of songs on the albums even to the amount of time it has taken to put out "Vol. 5."

“This is the longest amount of time between albums,” said Parker, who mentioned the band usually releases an album a year. “My kids are almost 5 and 7 now and as they grow you just get busier and time gets away from you.”

The band has always made children’s music but this album focuses on less concrete kid topics and more about things you can’t touch or see, Parker said.

“My oldest is almost 7 and he’s growing up so there’s a song on this album called ‘Growing Up,’” he said. “Other songs are about being happy, having a home or having someone there when you need them. When you write family-friendly music especially for children, it’s hard to keep coming up with subject matter that’s not too obvious. I don’t think I’ll ever write a song about going to the bathroom. I know those exist and that’s great but what I’m trying to do is write music that can be appreciated when you’re 0, 1, 2 up to 60 and 70 years old.”

All his music is tested out on his sons James and George, Parker said. The album’s character song, “Danger Dog,” is the first one they heard and he’s already gotten a little criticism.

“My youngest doesn’t like the word ‘danger’ so he was like, ‘Do you have to call it that?’” Parker said. “It was pretty harsh but also pretty cute criticism.”

Parker’s looking forward to getting more feedback from the latest album. The public is invited to the album release party at noon on Oct. 28 at Tower Theatre.

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